Secret To Crush Your Goals



The Best Kept Secret

Well folks, we safely made it into the “New Year”. 2017 is officially old news, and so are the millions of forgotten resolutions. Motivation has died down and old man excuses have moved in.  To add to the tradition, relocations of New Year’s Resolutions passed encourage an annual feeling of regret. Even with all the intention, resources, and opportunity we need, why is it so difficult to accomplish the goals we need to progress and grow?

Every year, month, week, day and minute we make decisions to accomplish goals. Mostly, amazing goals that could potentially change our lives, relationships and businesses for the better. We want the “better”, we really do. So, what gives?! Why are life-changing goals so hard to achieve?

Because you can’t be your best… alone. This year, make one goal. This one goal will propel all your other resolutions to success! You ready?  Transform your you to we and FIND A FRIEND.

The foundation to reaching your personal goals is simply, support. Having someone in your corner that wants you to achieve those goals just as bad as you, creates accountability that encourages positive change in you. That’s a best friend. Honestly, we all need at least one of those. Likewise, achieving your goals to grow your business this year is as attainable as having someone that knows your strengths and flaws and is eager to see you succeed. That is called a Business Best Friend (BBF).

The same way your best friend knows and supports your personal journey to success, your business needs the same support. Having a BBF gives your profitable goals more room to grow.

Here’s how it works:

Let’s be real

Like your bestie, your BBF knows more about your business than just it’s name and products or services. They grow to learn what makes your business strong and where you can grow the most to take the next steps.

Sometimes, we don’t achieve our goals, because it was an impossible feat, to begin with. Maybe we need to do some preliminary things first, or we life-862967_1920don’t even need that goal to reach success. Your BBF has a clear image of where you are and where you want to go. They help you make goals that are attainable and on the right track to help your business grow. Not to mention, BBFs always give the best advice and offer all their resources, just for you.

Speaking of free resources here’s 5 Easy Way To Attract New Clients, Today!


Stickability: How many goals have you started to achieve?

Another great thing about best friends is their stick-ability! No matter what, they stick with you every step of the way.


Regardless of how big, small, many or few your goals, if you don’t see it through, failure is inevitable. Your BBF is committed to seeing your business grow, come hell or high water, as the ancestors say. So, creating the right goals is only the beginning. Together, your BBF creates a plan for achievement, for both you AND them. That’s right, your BBF knows their job is to help you achieve your goals and they plan to do just that from start to finish.

Make sure your BBF is invested in the potential future of your business. Making goals that only improve your present condition don’t give your business much room to grow. You want to always make progress that encourages long-term success. Keeping this principle in mind has helped us make some difficult decisions for our business and personal futures. Sort, of like a proverb for life, one may say.


Here’s a cookie!: Your business’ personal cheerleader.

Our favorite part of being a BBF is lighting the fireworks to celebrate. Every successful step, no matter how tiny or huge, deserves a cheerleader. Celebrating those steps forward work as fuel for high esteem and positive momentum. Each step seems a little easier.

Running any business is hard work, and with so many things to do a4fl4xvhh8y4-jade-wulfraat.jpgt every second of the day, every win is a big one. Most people quit on their goals because they don’t feel like their making any progress. It seems their days are busy and not so productive. Having a BBF helps you set short-term goals that work together to achieve your long-term, bigger goals. By helping you crush your short-terms goals, those bigger goals seem like a piece of cake. Observing and praising those victories gives you a leg up in the competition and keeps you on the road to success.

Keeping yourself positive, helps you moving forward, as well. A great trick we like to use is good old checklists.

Making a list of today’s to-do’s and checking or scratching them off the list as we accomplish them, maintains a high morale throughout the day. Seeing that progress at the end of the day gives us something to celebrate everyday. It also gives us the motivation to make an even better list for tomorrow. And before we know it, we’ve had a heck of a week. Then, a record-breaking month. We also realized, what we needed to accomplish didn’t take all day anymore. Having a list organized our thoughts and allowed us to manage our time and energy, a lot better! And we all know the high value of time.

Did someone say time? Learn our 2 Second Rule to Website Conversion that will improve your business in no time at all.


Well, We Want The Job!

We want to be your BBF!

We have dedicated our business to help other businesses create and crush goals and we love it! Regardless of how long you’ve owned your business or the amount of success you’ve experienced, there are always goals to reach. Our job is to make sure your next steps are the best ones yet!

So, dust off those New Year’s resolutions and let’s make a plan that’s actually going to work. Whataya say?



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