Top 2 Elements Your Webite Needs to Convert

What is your favorite website? (not yours) I am willing to bet the farm that you love your favorite site for one of the following two reasons:

  • Content that captures
  • SEO that converts

    Whether you realize it or not, any successful site has focused, relevant content that captures and a thorough SEO strategy that converts. The sad news is, most people know how important these two elements are but can’t seem to make them productive.

That’s because one or the other can’t survive alone. You need both, complementing one another and working in complete synergy. Let me explain.

Content That Captures

We all know the value well written, relevant content brings to a site. But did you know that content should also connect to your site’s SEO strategy? Without that connection, your content is just beautiful words taking up space on your server. The point of your brilliant content is to capture your audience, share your unique value, and encourage interaction, right? Linking your content to your SEO is your one-way ticket to more rapid growth.

Tip: Use consistent keywords and stay true to your brand’s identity within your content. Keep it in sync with your site’s SEO!


SEO That Converts

On the flip side, simply perfecting your SEO with no relevant content connected to it is like throwing a well-made dart from space hoping it will hit your target on Earth. Frustrating and inefficient.

Your content is the thread between your SEO that attracts and your site that converts. So, it only makes sense that the two should be linked. Years ago, SEO was the be all, end all for boosting your site to the top of search engine rankings like Google. Today, with the number of people and businesses populating the internet, your SEO serves as the first of 3 tiers to boost your rank.
It goes: SEO – Content – Site. Refined SEO is only the beginning, nowadays. Without that second tier in place, your site will struggle to be seen or heard.

Tip: Ensuring your SEO meta tags agree with your content’s keywords!


Two of a Kind

Now that you can see how important collaboration is between your content and SEO, hiring a web designer who also understands and can implement refined SEO just makes sense. Why waste more money with two agencies that have and implement different strategies for your growth? Extra bonus if that same agency could tweak your content to cooperate with you SEO accordingly! (Nerd moment) Optimizing your costs by partnering with multi-talented agencies is a sure way to get more bang for your buck, so to speak.


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