5 Easy Ways To Attract More Clients, Today!

Regardless of how different we are in business status, industry, or value, we all have one thing in common. We always want to acquire more clients. In fact, it’s a part of who we are as entrepreneurs. Sometimes, though, we hit a wall. The flow isn’t as steady as usual and it’s time to attract more clients. Start-ups and small businesses experience these waves the most. No longer! We compiled 5 of the most effective ways to gain more clients any business can use.


#1 Giveaways

Before new clients can trust you with their money, they need to know they will receive a return they’re satisfied with. Don’t we all? So, give them what they want! Offering free samples of your products or services allows potential clients to fall in love with your unique value and grow an appetite for more.

Opt-ins are a great way to capitalize on first-time interest. Enticing a new viewer to discounts, specials, subscription, etc. in exchange for an email or quick chat, creates a relationship your viewer will remember. The opt-in magic is dead, however, without an email funnel to keep it alive.

#2 Referral Programs

One of the best ways to gain more clients is by word of mouth from your current and past clients. A great way to encourage your clients to spread the good news is to create a program that offers useful resources or discounts if they do! With every preferred client, there’s a 90% chance they are connected to another preferred client. So, with every satisfied client, you open a channel of more potential clients that already think you’re awesome. Let’s not forget the reviewers. s1ihvbg5tbi-ben-white.jpg
In this day of the millennial, most consumers use reviews as their decision maker. With thousands of competing businesses in every industry, reviews serve as the most genuine feedback out there. Real people, giving real reactions to real businesses strengths and weaknesses. We say, get in the mix! Register your business with trusted review sites like Yelp, Google Maps, and Yellow Pages. Then add links on your site for your clients to speak their piece. Don’t forget to thank your reviewers for taking the time to share. Let them know you’re grateful and you will be!

Tip: Add a reminder email in your funnel to remind your clients of your great referral offer.

#3 Get Weird!

Sometimes, we all just need a little change. Updating your look or presenting an innovative marketing strategy could be the answer to the humdrum in your business. Spice it up. Con5bvzy8xzhls-toa-heftiba.jpgnect with a branding expert that can help you enhance your brand while remaining true to your values. Rebrands also keep your business current and relevant to today’s consumers. Or, you can rock the boat with an out of the box marketing strategy that attracts new clientele and separates your business from the rest. We could come up with innovative ideas, but you catch the drift. Break outside of the box. The best things happen outside of your comfort zone.

See how The Chargers NFL brand stepped out of their comfort zone for the first time in decades.

#4 Start blogging

Whether you’re a “blogger” or not, you should be blogging. You sort of, have to. Think about it, how else would the world receive the unique value that only you could give? Beyond that, relevant and consistent blogging adds significant credibility to your brand. You’re the expert of your business. You know why it’s important and better than the rest. Prove it. Share your expertise in a blog. You can also use your blog to express your views on a variety of topics within your niche. Even curating information from other experts in your field helps boost your expert status. As you share your values, viewers will be able to connect with your values and choosing you for their next project becomes a no-brainer. Not to mention the awareness your business could receive from a well-constructed blog attached to your brand.

Okay. So you’re not a “writer” and weekly blogs just aren’t going to happen. Then, make an e-book! An e-book is usually a more extensive composure written on one topic. While it takes longer to create, there really aren’t any deadlines forcing your hand, so to speak. You can alter your production time from about once a week to about once a month! Go ahead, take your time. Just don’t forget the pictures.
The best news is, both these ideas have a two-fold greatness factor. One, your blog can grow credibility and traffic to your business. Two, your blog can also make money on its own. That’s ”write” folks, you can monetize your blog and e-book to become a residual income. But the first rule of both factors is valuable, consistent content. Finally, maybe you didn’t know how important your content is to your site’s conversion success?

Didn’t know? Check out The Top 2 Elements Your Site Needs To Convert

#5 Plug into Job Boards

Listen, I get that you’re an owner and the last thing on your mind is getting a job. I get that. Job boards work as the perfect middleman. Instead of interviewing for a position and hoping your employer hires you, most job boards allow you to flaunt your talents and choose the “jobs” you want to do. In addition to adding revenue to your business, job boards are another great avenue to meet new clients and get an idea of what they need.

Here’s an extensive list of job board options organized by niche provided by Proven, “a leading hiring tool serving thousands of customers”.

If your wall seems bigger than the options we gave above, fret not. There are hundreds of ways to increase your awareness and boost your sales. While every way may not work for your situation, there is always a way to progress. As a matter of fact, that’s what we do. Creating unique strategies around a specific company’s needs, strengths, and goals, has proven to be a highly effective approach. Most of our clients are surprised when the outcome is better than they’d hoped. (That’s our favorite, too 🙂

Maintaining consistent flow is always going to be on your to-do list as an owner. But, how you crush that list can and will vary.

So, for some closing advice: Hang loose and stay focused and success will happen!


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