Meet Sandra & CTM!


Meet Sandra Prince.

She is the owner and head chef of Ciara’s Treats & More, a full-service catering and personal chef small business in innovative Atlanta, Georgia. Titled after her middle name, Ciara, CTM caters a wide variety of foods and desserts ranging from home cooked favorites to exotic cuisine. Regardless of the crowd, CTM “strives for greatness in every bite”.


Even though her business is only a year old, Sandra brings decades of experience and culinary expertise to the table, so to speak. Since her passion for the culinary arts ignited at the tender age of 12, she has been perfecting her craft ever since. She obtained her degree from the infamous Le Cordon Bleu in Orlando, FL to follow other famous culinary geniuses like Chef Paul Qui, winner of Bravo’s Top Chef® season 9, Suzy Singh, a contestant on Fox TV’s Master Chef, and many more.


Amidst her years of success and promotion, Sandra has never forgotten her roots. Here’s what she had to say:

Why did you start your business?

I started my business because I always wanted to be a business owner and own my own catering company.

What makes Ciara’s Treats & More different from any other catering and personal chef company?

What makes CTM Catering different from other is we build relationships with our clients on personal levels so that we can create dishes or cater their events uniquely for them.

What is your favorite way to prepare cuisine?

Saute and stir fry

What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs that helped you succeed?

One (piece of ) advice I would give is to never give up on something that makes you happy, and to always reach for the moon but hope for the stars.

Connect with Sandra! 

(321) 442-4412


Instagram: @ctm_catering

Facebook: @ctmcater


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