Meet Sanchez & Jemmima Blaise

Meet Sanchez Blaise. He is the Founder/CEO of ChristLife Clothing. Coupled with his wife, Jemmima Blaise, ChristLife began its noble mission in 2013. As self-taught Graphic Designers and Digital Printers, Sanchez and Jemmima used their talents to advertise Christ through their clothing. Four years later, ChristLife has grown graciously, providing “not just clothes” to teens and adults everywhere from their site: 


A fellow NJ native, ChristLife has been trailblazing their industry and spreading the message of Christ with every exchange. Their feature drop-tail T-shirts combine cutting-edge fashion and personal empowerment seamlessly. They also have innovative hoodies, sweaters, hats, tote bags, and accessories designs for both men and women.

Sanchez and Jemmima are proud to run their business on their faith,  it’s in our DNA, we were meant to live a ChristLife. They definitely practice what they preach. Join the movement and support their mission by getting your ChristLife apparel. Send them to friends as uplifting gifts. Either way, Christlife would love to hear from you!


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Here’s what Sanchez & Jemmima had to say:

1. What is the inspiration behind ChristLife Clothing?

We are inspired by the challenge of changing the way people think. We want people to not only know that they were created to live aChristLife, but to also start to understand how to live that lifestyle.

2. What makes ChristLife Clothing different from any other Christian clothing company?

We are deeper than just cool designs on top quality products. We actually have a message with the intention of changing mindsets and even lives by reminding people of (their) identity in Christ. Not all brands can say that.

3. What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs that helped you succeed?

Proverbs 3:5,6 ; We must acknowledge God in all of our decisions BEFORE we make them NOT AFTER. No matter the obstacle placed before you, keep pushing and don’t break your focus.


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