Boost Your Website Conversion with this 2-Second Rule

Let’s be honest.
People shop online for one thing, convenience. They don’t want to take the time to drive, go to the store and wait in line for the products they want. That includes the expected convenience of the internet. So, one could easily concur that having a website with a short loading time is vital for any business. The world of online shopping is a busy one. Millions of e-commerce enterprises are competing for consumers attention with every swipe and touch. In this article, we are going to mention a few ways to keep you in the 2-second game.

Why 2 seconds?


Did you know, for every second that your website loads that you are losing money? We’re not lying!
Amazon’s recent study showed that for every one-second delay on their site, they were losing 7% profit. On the flip side, when Wal-Mart conducted a study, they concluded that for every 100ms faster their site loaded,,,, they gained a 1% revenue increase. Needless to say, the overall speed of your site in a huge factor in the growth of your business online.

Let’s talk about a few things you (or your webmaster) can do today that could greatly increase your website’s load and interaction time.

1. Optimize your images

The average website has about 42 images, and the average image size is 1-5mb. So… if we do the math, in the event that every image on your site was only 2mb your total would already be at 84mb. That’s a lot of weight!

Fix: Optimize your images so that they maintain their high quality but decrease their size.filtergrade-207563.jpg

2. Lighten your plugins

Every “action” on your site rather organic or automated, is run by a plugin in some way. Whether you are on a website builder (ex. WordPress), or a custom coded website, your image sliders, photo galleries, opt-ins, and even in some cases your navigation, are ran by Javascript. Finding lighter plugins for your site that do the same job are a great way to keep your brand consistent but load faster.

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Quick Story Time…

We use a popular form builder for all forms on our website. To embed, they offer a few options. These options included a short javascript code, an iframe, and the whole source code. We quickly noticed that when we used the full code in our work, our website took over a minute to load! Cutting this one plugin down to the shortest version increased our site speed by 80% immediately!

3. Cache… Cha Ching!

Let’s talk about your cache (no, not a typo). Your cache stores commonly used images, fabian-blank-78637.jpgcodes and even text that is usually unchanged. You will notice that if you clear your web browser’s cache, websites you visit often may load a little slower. This is because all the unnecessary files that clogged your site’s storage are no longer on your computer. This, of course, is a great way to see new updates on your site that you may not see on just a simple refresh. Optimizing your cache to store files is a great way to make your site load faster.

While there are many ways to make your website load faster, these are some essential ways you can speed your site up today.

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