Meet Melina Tambor

She is the owner and founder of one of the most unique wax candle companies we’ve ever seen! WaxThatWick Candle Company is an all natural, handmade, custom candle business thriving out of glamouring Las Vegas, Nevada.

Melina’s entrepreneurial journey began in 2014 when her infatuation with flames and scents lit a fire of passion for a candle with a unique look, remarkable aroma, and an incredibly long scent life. Today, Melina creates custom candles, melts, tarts, and wax stuffed buddies to outshine your local candle store, for sure!

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For all you candle lovers and aroma fanatics, WaxThatWick can’t wait to create your custom candle. Have a little candle lover? Check out these amazing wax stuffed buddies!


These buddies are amazingly cute, long-lasting, and heat generated. These decorative air fresheners, add a beautiful touch and scent to your favorite rooms. Just heat with a hair dryer on low to reactivate its brilliant aroma! Keep your favorite room looking and smelling wonderful for months. Choose from a variety of wax buddy animals and friends or even get a custom buddy designed just for you!

In addition to holding the torch of WaxThstWick Candle company, Melina spends most of her time caring for her grandmother and nurturing her children. Every day, she lives WaxThatWick’s motto: Be kind, Burn Natural.

Whatever aromatic pleasure, WaxThatWick Candle Company is happy to quench your unique fire with their custom, homemade touch. Order yours today!


  1. What is the inspiration behind WaxThatWick?

I have always loved candles as long as I can remember, the smell, the way it lights up a dark room, the ambiance, the atmosphere or decor of the room. I have always had the mindset of an entrepreneur and when thinking about work I could do from home while raising my two children, candle making was a natural fit. Being a candle maker allows me to do something I love and be a hand’s on mother without making any sacrifices.


  1. What makes WaxThatWick different from any other homemade candle company?

We use all natural soy wax to make our products which are free of all toxins and carcinogens that are normally found in commercially crafted candles making them not only better for the environment but healthier for all of your loved ones including pets.  Our candles and melts are biodegradable, recyclable, made from renewable sources, and create significantly less soot when burned.


  1. What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs that helped you succeed?

My advice to other entrepreneurs is to use your intuition & follow your dreams.  Find something you are passionate about to create a business opportunity you will want to make succeed over and over again.   Find inspiration that keeps you going and never give up on your dreams.


  1. What’s your favorite design/product/service and date/location for your next event to share with viewers and supporters.

Right now we are primarily web based offering assorted candles, melts, and our scented wax dipped buddies.  Our wax dipped buddies are not your normal stuffed animal, we have dipped them in our all natural soy wax to create a visually appealing product which also contains scents which you can customize to your tastes.  Please check out our site to view the numerous candles, melts, & wax dipped buddies customizable with your favorite scents such as Baked Apple Pie, Cherry Bomb, Casablanca Lilly, Fruit Loops, Gain, Local Coffee Shop, Red Wine, Twilight Woods, and many more!!


You can contact us through our website or your favorite social media venue using the following handles:


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram: @waxthatwick


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