Meet Maurice & Marvell Davis

Meet Maurice and Marvell Davis. They are the loyal co-owners of M&M Money Management, LLC. Together they have grown a successful business with a guaranteed solution to money management.

M&M Money Management was started 2 years ago, as a response to the overwhelming need for early and long-term financial education and management. What began as a humane project to help friends and family maintain their money and improve their status quo, grew into a dynamic entity that has helped more than 100+ clients successfully.  Their services include Credit Restoration, Personal/Business/Student Loan Assistance, IRS Tax Lien & Garnishment Resolution.


Beginning with a free consultation, Maurice connects with each client, personally, and supports their process all the way to end, and then some.  This characteristic is what makes M&M Management different from any other company in its industry. Furthermore, Maurice and Marvell have experienced the faults of other money management firms first-hand, and have vowed to be exceptionally different. “We actually care about each and every client, and their future”, Marvell said, “and we treat each client with integrity, transparency, loyalty”, Maurice added.


As an example of their genuine passion for helping others, Maurice and Marvell are working on an organization that educates and encourages youth to manage their money and increase their wealth! Stay tuned.

To connect with M&M Management and inquire about their services, feel free to contact them. They’d love to hear from you.

Co-Owner, Mrs. Marvell Davis 6127437229

Co-Owner, Mr. Maurice Davis


M&M Money Management, LLC. Facebook Page


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