Meet Maurice & Marvell Davis

Meet Maurice and Marvell Davis. They are the loyal co-owners of M&M Money Management, LLC. Together they have grown a successful business with a guaranteed solution to money management.


Meet Lydie Charles-Mason

Meet Lydie Charles-Mason. She is the motivated owner of Mason Health and Wealth, LLC., a genuine mission to educate and encourage our youth.

3 Steps to Launch Success!

Congratulations! You’ve created a useful new service or a hot new product, and you’re ready to launch. Before you kick off, make sure you and your business are ready for the increase. Increase in effort, resources, time, and eventually, sales!

Meet Melina Tambor

Melina’s entrepreneurial journey began in 2014 when her infatuation with flames and scents lit a fire of passion for a candle with a unique look, remarkable aroma, and an incredibly long scent life…